Branson Tips - "Tickets 101"

July 12, 2013 - 12:18pm

Branson is a great year-round tourist destination.  Shows, attractions, and events all beckon families looking for good, clean family fun.  In a spontaneous burst, you excitedly stuff all of the luggage and kids, maybe even grandkids, into the car and start out for your vacation adventure.   After continuously answering the questions every parent and grandparent loves to hear, "Are we there yet?"  and "How much longer?", and the inevitable, "Can we pull over somewhere? I have to go", and having made the required stops along the way, you finally arrive at your destination.  "The worst is over", you think.  "I can finally relax".    And then you see them....      The signs.


Discount Tickets.  Half Price Tickets.  Free Tickets.  Two-for-one Tickets.  Ticket Outlets.  Ticket Coupons.   Best Deal on Tickets.   Ticket Center.    Official Welcome Center Tickets.


It's absolutely overwhelming.  Mind-boggling.  Stress inducing.   The signs are everywhere!  Where do you start?  What do they all mean?  What is a ticket voucher?  How do you know what is really a good deal?  Adult tickets.  Teen tickets.  Pre-Teen tickets.  Child tickets.  Lap Child Tickets.  Senior Discounts.  Veterans Discounts.    What???     Relax.....we're here to help with "Tickets 101".


Lesson #1:  The first thing you need to know is this:  all shows, attractions, and museums require a ticket for admission.  That ticket will be categorized by an age group.  Adult, Teen, etc.  Prices will vary for different age groups in most cases.  Some shows also offer VIP tickets, which usually means you will be seated in the first few rows from the stage.  VIP tickets are generally more expensive. 

You can purchase a ticket directly from the box office at the theatre, or from a ticket re-seller.  Purchasing all of your tickets from a box office can mean multiple trips up, down, and around town to each theatre.   You will most likely pay box office price, which is generally the most expensive rate.  They may offer a Seniors or Veterans discount.  However, the up side to this is that you will get an actual ticket in hand.   If you are not purchasing from a box office, you are purchasing tickets from a ticket re-seller.  Here is where some of the confusion enters - what is a re-seller, and just what, exactly, are they selling? 

Lesson #2:  If the words "Welcome Center" are anywhere on a building advertising tickets, it is most likely the check-in center for folks who have previously purchased a mini-vacation.  Attached to this purchase is the requirement that they take a presentation of a particular property, or a 'tour'.   Or perhaps they are required to attend a group vacation club presentation.  Tickets are used as the incentive to buy these 'packages', and are 'gifted' to you after you complete the presentation.  This is a great deal if you are considering a timeshare purchase, or upgrading a timeshare that you already own.  Otherwise, you might want to continue shopping around.

Just FYI, many ticket re-sellers are associated with timeshare marketing companies or properties.  If you stop, or are stopped at a location offering tickets, be sure and ask if they are affiliated with a timeshare or marketing company.  If you don't want to sit through a presentation, this is not for you.  Again - it's great for those folks that are interested in viewing a property and learning about timeshare.  It's up to you.  The ticket prices are good, but you will lose some of your vacation time.

Lesson #3:  There are many ticket re-sellers who offer tickets without any requirements, such as Branson Online.  You can make a ticket purchase, and usually reserve your lodging through these merchants.  Almost all ticket re-sellers will offer a discount on some tickets.  Be sure to always ask what the box office price is on the tickets you are purchasing.   You won't know what kind of a discount you're getting unless you know what the full retail cost is.  You may have to do some quick math in  your head to figure out if you're really looking at a good deal or not.   Most re-sellers will tell you how much you are saving.   At the time of purchase, you will be issued a voucher - you'll take this voucher to the theatre and exchange it for a ticket. 

Lesson #4:  The question then comes down to convenience.  Do you want to shop around and try to find a good ticket seller? Are you interested in spending half of your day at a timeshare presentation?  Or would you rather just go online from your hotel room or business center, order your tickets, print your vouchers right then and be ready to go?  Branson Online offers great discounts on tickets to almost all shows and attractions.  Just go to our website,, choose your show, submit payment, and print out your ticket voucher.  No property presentations or tours, ever!   Easy peasy.  Of course, you're also welcome to call us or come see us in person!  Or call us at 417-693-3337 if you need further help in navigating the ticketing jungle.  



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