A Feast For The Soul

August 23, 2013 - 10:57am

"Southern Gospel music has always resounded through these Ozarks' hills, from country churches and county fairs to grand stages and even in backyards during family get-togethers", says Silver Dollar City.  And they're right.   Long before Branson's famed Hwy. 76 was even a ridgetop dirt path, if you listened closely you could hear the sounds of a fiddle being played somewhere deep in the hills, accompanied by a pure, sweet mountain voice singing a favorite hymn.  Living in the Ozarks was a hard life back then.  Hill folk used music to soothe their children and themselves, to express sorrow, love, loss, but most of all, to express joy and praise.  

A common custom here in the Ozarks was getting together for a 'sing'.  Folks looked forward to these all-day events, with families and neighbors coming from great distances to attend.  A 'sing' could last far into the night.  Favorite hymns were sung, instruments were played, and there was usually a pot-luck.  Here in the hills, you didn't have a a get-together without food!  By the time the 'sing' ended, everyone's heart was lifted, their worries had been carried far away by the sweet inspiration of the music, and they returned home with hope in their hearts.

Southern Gospel music is the very heart and soul of the Ozarks.  Babies were raised on it as lullabys, women hummed and sang it while they carried out their daily tasks, men whistled it while they plowed fields.  It still rings through these hills, if you know where to listen.   You can even find it today on that old ridgetop dirt path which has become Hwy. 76, Country Music Boulevard.  Most Branson shows feature Southern Gospel music.  

And thanks to Silver Dollar City, you can have the opportunity to see all of your favorite nationally-know Gospel groups singing your favorites!   The Dixie Melody Boys, 2nd Generation, Guy Penrod, The Isaacs, The Hoppers, Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Lesters, and Greater Vision are just a few of the great groups you'll see.  All Red Gold Heritage Hall and Echo Hollow concerts are hosted by renowned Southern Gospel emcee Duane Garren!

Remember, this is also a picnic, and Silver Dollar City does it up right!  Savor southern cooking at its best with The House of Chicken & Fixin's on the City's square! Find your family's favorite styles of chicken, plus all the extras you love! Choose from our succulent Apple-Glazed Chicken, Hickory-Smoked Chicken or our famous Southern Fried Chicken with all the fixin's!

Remember, Branson Online sells 2-day passes to Silver Dollar City for the price of 1 day!   You must use both days within a 3 day period. 



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