A New Appreciation for Spring

March 3, 2014 - 4:16pm

As the winter wears on (and on, and on...), I find myself anticipating spring even more than usual.   While everyone's stories of how deep the snow is at their place, or how they survived sliding out of their driveway are all interesting, I am longing to hear someone complain just once about the over-abundance of blooms on their daffodils.  Or how the crocus is taking over the yard.   Or maybe how the blueberry bush is greening up too early, and they are worrying that they didn't plant enough tomato plants.   

Don't misunderstand me, I certainly see the beauty in winter, and all that it brings.  I love the way snowflakes drift down, and the absoslute quiet that happens during a snowstorm.  I am enchanted by the frost covered woods, and the way the lake looks while the surrounding land is sparkling with sunlight on the frost.  Wildlife tracks in the snow are fascinating, and the cardinals look beautiful against the white background.  There is nothing better than a crackling fire inside while the cold wind howls outside the windows.  Hot chocolate, hot tea, and hot toddies all have their place in the winter.  Big sweaters, boots, gloves, beautifuly knitted scarves and hats are some of my favorite things, and I miss them when the weather warms.  

Even in the middle of all of this beauty, I continue to look forward to the things that arrive with spring.   Yes, the spring flowers, but there's so much more than that.   Everything seems to come alive after a long winter's nap.   Neighbors are tidying up their yards and homes,  birds begin singing again and building nests for their new families, and cities seem more alive.   The street cleaners are out, cleaning up the leftover cold weather debris, commercial buildings get their annual freshening up, and people start to travel again.  It reminds me of a big, beautiful flower blossoming out slowly.  

In Branson, it means that many of our shows will be opening their doors for the season.   Lodging properties re-open for guests, and our town begins to fill up again.  We are genuinely glad to see each and every one of you, even if it means that we have more traffic on our roads.  We miss the tourists in the winter, and look forward to making new friends when spring opens everything up again.   Our phones start ringing with folks planning their vacations, and our offices become a flurry of activity before we know it.   The Bradford pear trees bloom all over town, along with the dogwoods, crabapples and redbuds, and it is a beautiful place to visit.  Downtown sidewalks fill up with chattering, happy people enjoying the warmth, and the excitement in town is palpable.

However, in the middle of longing for spring, I constantly remind myself to 'live in the moment'.  Tomorrow will come soon enough, with it's own wonders.   But for now, I will be content with the soft, white blanket on the ground and the sun on the snow, knowing that all of this is in the perfect plan, and is nourishment for what is to come.


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