Outlaw Run is Here!

April 2, 2013 - 2:10pm

If you haven't heard about Silver Dollar City's newest $10 million thrill ride, "Outlaw Run", read on...             "Outlaw Run" is the World's Most Daring Wood Coaster, and the biggest investment in a single ride in the past decade.  Passengers soar through the Ozark Mountains on this behemoth, experiencing several 'firsts', such as the (1) World's steepest drop on a wood coaster, (2) World's only wood coaster to twist upside down, (3) Second fastest wood coaster in the world, but the world's fastest wood coaster on steel wheels.   WOW!

In this creative coaster concept, Outlaw Run goes beyond the outskirts of the safe haven of the 1880's Silver Dollar City to a storied place where civility is waning and outlaws may lurk. Passengers, setting out with brave new dreams of vast America, board the Western Missouri Stagecoach Company - where, during treacherous travel, and at any minute, a wild chase could ensue. Silver Dollar City, highly awarded for theme development, designs attractions with compelling storylines to bring projects to life with real history in mind.  It's not just any old coaster, folks...

I can feel the hearts of coaster fans around the world beating faster, so I'll give you the rest of the specs:

  • Track Length:  2,935 feet, more than half a mile.
  • Wood Coaster Firsts & Major Ride Features:  World's Steepest Drop on a Wood Coaster - 162-ft. drop, at 81 degrees - nearly vertical.  World's Only Wood Coaster to Twist Upside Down - a record-breaking 3 inversions, with a 720-degree (double) barrel roll and a 153-degree outside banked turn.  Second Fastest Wood Coaster in the World - Top speed of 68 mph.
  • Airtime:  9 Locations for Airtime - feeling of floating / weightlessness
  • Lift Height / First Drop:  107-ft. lift utilizes the natural hillside to create a 162-ft. drop.   10-story lift goes into 16-story first drop.
  • Ride Duration:  1 minute, 27 seconds.
  • Trains / Passengers:  2 Trains, 24 Passengers per Train (2 per row; 12 rows/train)
  • Height Requirement:  48" Minimum Rider Height (4 feet)
  • Manufacturer:  Rocky Mountain Construction Group

Bonus Coaster Tech Talk:  100-ft. double-down, 70-ft. double-up, twist & turn, high-speed float, Class 5 custom-designed U-bar lap restraint & individual fiberglass seats, Custom RMC Topper Track.

There.  That should have your eyes wide, your heart palpitating, and your hands just itching to hold on to that U-bar as soon as you can!    

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