"True 'Que" at Little Mo's

May 14, 2014 - 1:24pm

Everyone loves some good BBQ, right?   At least most folks do.  I also enjoy outdoor dining, especially if the food is good and the vibe is unique, funky or different.  Here it comes...wait for it....EUREKA!   I have found it!    Little Mo's BBQ on Hwy. 76 in Branson West (the Notch area, for locals) has all of this, with strong emphasis on good food.  Billing itself as "True Que", this little outdoor BBQ joint, and I use that term as a compliment, lives up to it's claim.

I'm always on the lookout for good roadside food.   Having stopped at little spots from Florida all the way to Santa Barbara, I'm always delighted when I find someplace worth pulling over for.   Outdoor dining is a plus, and Little Mo's definitely has it.  The building housing the kitchen is small, with two little windows in the front.  One is for ordering, one is for picking up your food.  Seating consists of picnic tables with umbrellas, all on a gravel covered lot.   There is also additional covered seating available.   Music with anything from a modern Texas groove to some vintage Willie Nelson is piped outside, and I would imagine if the urge to two-step hit you, you and your dance partner would be most welcome to go right ahead on with it.   This is a laid-back, fun place, and it's very family-friendly. The decor consists of all things Texas, from the expected steer horns on the front of the building to the fun chandeliers made out of Shiner Bock beer bottlles.  There is a trailer that serves as the smoker close by, so you can enjoy the tantalizing smell while you eat.  Cut wood lies at the ready, and is stacked around the dining area to form a enclosure, along with the rail and corrugated tin fencing.  The service is extra friendly and welcoming.  They make you feel right at home here, believe me.

But I digress.   This place is definitely all about the food!   I had a pulled pork sandwich, with cole slaw and potato salad.   The star was the pulled pork, for sure.  The was lots of it, and it was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  I checked for the smoke ring on the meat, and yes, it was present.  The sauce is served on the side, and you can also ask for onions, pickles and jalapenos for your sandwich, which also come on the side.   I got a little bonus with my sandwich, too.   After picking up  my order at the window and sitting down to eat,  right on the top of the bun was a piece of smoked....BACON.  Yep....Smoked.  Bacon.   And not 'smoked' like the stuff you find in your local grocery store.   This is thick, smokey, baconey (I KNOW that's a word) goodness!   They told me they give out samples of it just so you can become addicted.  I am.   You will be, too.  

They offer plates - sandwich, Combo, Rib, Ham and BBQ plates.  You can order sandwiches with sliced brisked, chopped brisket, sausage link, pulled pork, turkey breast, ham, a combo, rib sandwich, a Mailman (chopped beef and link) or the Mojo (chopped ham, brisket and sauce).  Or, you can order any of their meats by the pound at  very reasonable prices.  Sides are coleslaw, potato salad and beans, which can be ordered from a serving size up to a gallon.  Of course, there are Lays plain and BBQ chips, Fritos and Doritos, too.   Ice-cold IBC Root Beer is available, along with a good selection of beverages.   You can also buy icy Coors Light, Blue Moon, Corona, 3 Blind Mice and Shiner Bock beer by the bottle.      

Tell me...who in their right mind wouldn't like to pull over for a great BBQ sandwich, a little 'tater sald and a cold beer or a Coke on a hot summer day?   Their hours are Thursday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.  You can find them at 8803 W. State Highway 76, Branson West.    If you need to call ahead to order for pick-up, it's 417-699-8477, and their website is www.truetexasbarbeque.com.  Their website is currently being built, so have a little patience with it.  They do have a Facebook page, so be sure and visit and 'like' it.

As we've said before, there is something for everyone in Branson.   Whether it's shows, attractions, the lake, or food, we've got it covered.  Little Mo's BBQ is my new favorite, and if you happen to stop by on a Friday night sometime or maybe a Saturday afternoon, I'll see you there!


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