Show Combo (Includes Outdoor Drama & Sons of the Pioneers)

The legendary Sons of the Pioneers are back by popular demand for another season at The Shepherd of the Hills Pavilion Theatre. Enjoy their beautiful western harmonies, signature hits like "Cool Water" and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", and a hearty cowboy feast served straight off an authentic 1800s chuck wagon. Dinner bell rings at 4:15pm. Enjoy a delicious dinner consisting of beef brisket, smoked chicken, barbeque beans, potato, corn on the cob, bread roll, and tea.

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama

At The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theatre, Harold Bell Wright's epic story of love, loss, power, hardship, and the true meaning of life is immortalized every night on our star-lit stage. It takes over 80 actors and actresses, 40 horses, a flock of sheep, several guns and rifles, an actual burning log cabin, and a vintage 1908 DeWitt automobile to make the live action performance what it is - a legend.

Miracle of Christmas

Go back in time and witness the greatest birth in history. Be surrounded by the bustling village of Bethlehem as camels, horses, donkeys and villagers pass by. Be transported to the hillside where legions of angels descend upon the shepherds to proclaim, "The Savior is born!"

Legendary Combo (includes Outdoor Drama, Tour & Tower)

A great afternoon of fun at Shepherd of the Hills!

Shepherd of the Hills opens at 10:00 am. Inspiration Tower can be viewed at anytime during the day until the park closes. The Tour begins at the top of every hour, and you must request a time. The Outdoor Drama, "Shepherd of the Hills", starts at 8:30 pm during the months of May through August, and starts at 7:30 pm during September and October.

You can always visit the Tower and take the Tour during the morning hours if you'd like, and come back later that evening for the Outdoor Drama!

Magnificent Seven Variety Show

Experience a journey through 7 decades of YOUR favorite music with the "Magnificent 7 Variety Show." One of the most energizing experiences you will ever witness. 7 first-class entertainers and 200 costume changes coordinate with 75 production numbers from the 1940's through the 2000's. Non-stop musical action, dancing, comedy and so much more! The team of 7 singers and dancers are led by Joe and Tamra Tinoco along with their 9 year old daughter Talya, who make sure that the Magnificent 7 Variety Show is unbelievable entertainment.


Of all the characters in the Bible, perhaps Joseph is the best parallel to the character of Jesus that can be found. During a time of an “eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth” mentality, Joseph’s story of forgiveness and integrity has made this Bible story a timeless truth, inspiring generations of men and women to walk uprightly in the midst of great temptation.

Adventures of Marco Polo

In 1271 A.D. the Italian explorer, Marco Polo, made his legendary trip to the ancient eastern mysterious nation of China. Following his father and uncle who were businessmen, their journey started from the West moving across the Middle East and finally overcoming many difficulties, arrived in China. In the marvelous land of China, Marco Polo witnessed the vast grassland, the majestic palace of Yuan Dynasty, the beautiful watery countryside and articles like the magic compass, soft silks and the skilled craftsman.


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